Mohammed Borhan Uddin

Address: Uttor Gupalghata, Pattilarkul, Lelang

Fatickchari, Chittagong, 4350

Email: | Mobile: +8801829521200

                                          PERSONAL STATEMENT


CEO and Founder of I am passionate about online and internet. I love to learn about technology and doing new experiment online every single moment. I am a digital marketer. I am working for two years online. I am working with world biggest online platform like Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy and Ebay . Now I am focusing on to teaching others how they can living a better life and I am trying to giving Ideas with my experience.

                                       EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Right now i am self employee. I am doing online job, freelencing, digital marketing etc. Also i have several website for my business like I am doing Amazon FBA,  Sell on Amazon, Merch by Amazon and Amazon affiliate. Besides all of this i have some store on Etsy and Ebay.                                 


2015 – Running
BA (Hons): Islamic History & Culture [running]
University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh

FAZIL (DIGREE) : Madrasha board/ [GPA N/A] Sub : General
Baitus Saraf Ideal Kamil Madrasah, Chittagong, Bangladesh

ALIM (HSC) : Madrasha board/ [GPA 5.00] Sub : General
Baitus Saraf Ideal Kamil Madrasah, Chittagong, Bangladesh

DAKHIL (SSC) : Madrasha board/ [GPA 5.00] Sub : General
Kadalpur Hamidia Fazil Madrasah, Chittagong, Bangladesh



Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word);

Adobe (premire pro, photoshop);


                                                     PERSONAL INTERESTS

I want to become a business man. I love online marketing and doing new experiment.